Web Application Penetration Test

Web application penetration Testing aims to identify security issues resulting from insecure development practices in the design, coding and publishing of software or a website.

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Web Application Penetration test?

Is an authorized hacking attempt on open source and custom web applications. The aim of this test is to identify and exploit vulnerabilities relating to: authorization, security configuration and data protection mechanisms.

SUD0ROOT provides organizations with a real-world view of any security issues which may exist. Our testing approach consists of manual testing using a dedicated security resource that is trained to think ‘out of the box’ and identify all security issues.

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Web Application security testing generally includes:

  • Injection flaws

  • Authentication weaknesses

  • Poor session management

  • Broken access controls

  • Security misconfigurations

  • Database interaction errors

  • Input validation problems

  • Flaws in application logic

The Benefits

The benefits to your Business


Gain real-world insight into your vulnerabilities.


Discover the most vulnerable route through which an attack can be made.


Find any loopholes that could lead to the theft of sensitive data.


Keep untrusted data separate from commands and queries.


Develop strong authentication and session management controls.


Improve access control.

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