Source Code Review

There are vulnerabilities that may not be uncovered during the process of penetration testing, security code review is the best avenue to uncover those vulnerabilities.

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Source code review?

Source code review, also known as Security Code Review is the process of auditing the source code for an application to verify that the proper security controls are present, that they work as intended, and that they have been invoked in all the right places. Code review is a way of ensuring that the application has been developed so as to be “self-defending” in its given environment.

SUD0ROOT experts analyze application design and architecture documentation, to build a high-level threat model of the application. An analysis is then performed on the application’s source code. From the analysis, and taking the threat model into account, security-relevant portions of the application are identified. Typically, this consists of modules dealing with session management, access controls, and any privileged system functions.

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Common programming languages included:

  • PHP

  • Android (Java)

  • VB.NET

  • Python

  • C#

  • Node.JS

The Benefits

The benefits to your Business


Gain real-world insight into your vulnerabilities.


Assure that all of the security controls are present.


Discover hidden vulnerabilities that can be missed during the regular penetration test.


Gain knowledge of vulnerabilities, loopholes and attack vectors before delivering an app to the user.


remediate vulnerabilities that could lead to assets and valuable data from being compromised.


All security code reviews are professionally done with human effort and technology support.

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